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NVIDIA NGC: AI Development Catalog
NVIDIA AI Foundation Models
Logo for SpeechLLM FastConformer Llama2-7B
A 7B SpeechLLM model trained on speech-to-text recognition (ASR), speech-to-text translation (AST) and audio/speech question answering (SpeechQA, AudioQA) data.
Logo for Maxine Live Portrait
Maxine Live Portrait is a generative model which animates a portrait photo with a driving video such that the facial expressions and movements of the person in the video are transferred to the photo.
Logo for StarCoder2-15B
StarCoder2 is a LLM specializing in code completion developed in partnership with BigCode community.
Logo for Phi-2
Phi-2 is a 2.7 billion parameter language model developed by Microsoft Research. The phi-2 model is best suited for prompts using the QA format, the chat format, and the code format
Getting Started
Logo for Deep Learning Frameworks
Deep Learning FrameworksCollection - Deep Learning
This collection contains performance-optimized AI frameworks including PyTorch and TensorFlow
Logo for Getting Started
Getting StartedCollection - Deep Learning
Collections are use-case based curated content available in one easy-to-use package for for various applications including speech, intelligent video analytics, recommendations, and more.
Logo for HPC Collection
HPC CollectionCollection - High Performance Computing
This collection provides access to the top HPC applications for Molecular Dynamics, Quantum Chemistry, and Scientific visualization.
Logo for NVIDIA AI - End-to-End AI Development & Deployment
This is a collection of performance-optimized frameworks, SDKs, and models to build Computer Vision and Speech AI applications.
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Popular Collections
Logo for HPC Collection
HPC CollectionHigh Performance Computing
This collection provides access to the top HPC applications for Molecular Dynamics, Quantum Chemistry, and Scientific visualization.
Logo for Code Llama
Code LlamaAdvanced
Code Llama is an LLM capable of generating code, and natural language about code, from both code and natural language prompts.
Logo for Llama 2
Llama 2Advanced
Llama 2 is a large language AI model capable of generating text and code in response to prompts.
Logo for Automatic Speech Recognition
Automatic Speech RecognitionAutomatic Speech Recognition
A collection of easy to use, highly optimized Deep Learning Models for Recommender Systems. Deep Learning Examples provides Data Scientist and Software Engineers with recipes to Train, fine-tune, and deploy State-of-the-Art Models
Logo for NVIDIA Holoscan
NVIDIA HoloscanHealthcare
The AI sensor processing platform
Logo for Clara Discovery
Clara DiscoveryHealthcare
Clara Discovery is a collection of frameworks, applications, and AI models enabling GPU-accelerated computational drug discovery
Logo for Clara NLP
Clara NLPHealthcare
Clara NLP is a collection of SOTA biomedical pre-trained language models as well as highly optimized pipelines for training NLP models on biomedical and clinical text
Logo for Clara Parabricks
Clara Parabricks is a collection of software tools and notebooks for next generation sequencing, including short- and long-read applications. These tools are designed to be scalable, generating highly accurate results in an accelerated compute environmen
Popular Containers
Logo for DCGM
Manage and Monitor GPUs in Cluster Environments.
Logo for Validator for NVIDIA GPU Operator
Validates NVIDIA GPU Operator components
Logo for NVIDIA Driver Manager For Kubernetes
Manages NVIDIA Driver upgrades in Kubernetes cluster.
Logo for NVIDIA MIG Manager For Kubernetes
Manage MIG partitions in Kubernetes with a simple label change to a node.
Popular Models
Logo for GPUNet-0 pretrained weights (PyTorch, AMP, ImageNet)
GPUNet-0 ImageNet pretrained weights
Logo for Action Recognition Net
5 class action recognition network to recognize what people do in an image.
Logo for BodyPoseNet
Detect body pose from an image.
Logo for DashCamNet
4 class object detection network to detect cars in an image.
Popular Resources
Logo for Endoscopy out of body Sample App Data
Holoscan Sample App data for Endoscopy out of body detection
Video of cars for evaluating detection algorithms for Holoscan SDK.
Logo for Colonoscopy Sample App Data
Holoscan Sample App Data for AI Colonoscopy Segmentation of Polyps
Logo for Endoscopy Sample App Data
Holoscan Sample App Data for AI-based Endoscopy Tool Tracking
Popular Helm Charts
Logo for NVIDIA K8s Developer LLM Operator
The NVIDIA K8s Developer LLM Operator is an open source and easy to deploy Kubernetes Operator to self-host Generative AI workflows.
Logo for NVIDIA Network Operator
NVIDIA Network Operator Helm Chart provides an easy way to install, configure and manage the lifecycle of NVIDIA Mellanox network operator.
Logo for NVSM
A Helm chart for deploying Nvidia System Management software on DGX Nodes
Logo for NVIDIA DevTools Sidecar Injector
The NVIDIA DevTools Sidecar enables your containerized applications to be profiled by NVIDIA DevTools applications (currently, only using NVIDIA Nsight Systems).