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Clara Parabricks is a collection of software tools and notebooks for next generation sequencing, including short- and long-read applications. These tools are designed to be scalable, generating highly accurate results in an accelerated compute environmen
April 13, 2023
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What is the NVIDIA Clara Parabricks Collection?

Clara Parabricks is a software suite for industry-standard next generation sequencing analysis on NVIDIA GPUs, consisting of everyday bioinformatics command-line tools, such as BWA-MEM, HaplotypeCaller, and Mutect2, running at blazing speeds.

Clara Parabricks tools cover the key applications of germline, somatic and RNA analysis, and are designed to be used in high throughput environments, with up to 80x acceleration over CPU-only alternatives, and lower costs per genome.

What is in this Collection?

  • Clara Parabricks Container is our core software suite, enabling secondary analysis of sequencing data at blazing speeds on NVIDIA GPUs.

  • DeepVariant Model Resource includes models optimized by the Clara Parabricks team for running DeepVariant on different GPUs, such as the A10, A30, A6000.

Getting Started

The full documentation for Clara Parabricks can be found here, including Tutorials and How-Tos.

For reference code on deploying Clara Parabricks in workflow managers, such as WDL and NextFlow, see our clara-parabricks-workflows GitHub.

For specific Getting Started instructions please click through individual entities.

Hardware and Driver Requirements

For Clara Parabricks Container hardware and software requirements, please see our documentation installation requirements.

Technical Support

Community forum support for Clara Parabricks can be found here.

For enterprise-level support, including NVIDIA expert-guided deployment and optimization, reach out to us through the Clara Parabricks webpage