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Clara Deploy Platform [Deprecated]

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The Clara Deploy Platform Collection includes the bootstrap and Command Line Interface (CLI). These tools are used to install the main core services that allow you to interact with Clara Deploy and run, monitor, and visualize inference jobs




April 4, 2023
Helm Charts

Clara Deploy SDK is being consolidated into Clara Holoscan SDK

More info

What is NVIDIA Clara Deploy SDK for Medical Imaging?

Clara Deploy SDK provides a container-based development & deployment framework for multi-AI, multi-domain workflows in medical environments - One platform managing and scaling Imaging, Genomics and Video Processing workloads. Built on Kubernetes, it enables developers and data scientists to define multi-staged container-based pipelines.

What is in this Collection?

  1. Clara Ansible prepares your system with all dependencies required to run Clara Deploy SDK
  2. load_generator is a command line interface tool that enables users to specify the pipeline(s) used to create the jobs, the data set(s) used as input for the jobs, and other options.
  3. clara_cli is a command line interface for managing and interacting with the Clara Deploy SDK.

Getting Started

  1. Getting started with Clara Deploy. Setup your system using these instructions, HW and system requirements and how to install on Cloud Service Providers (CSPs).


End User License Agreement is included with the product. Licenses are also available along with the model application zip file. By pulling and using the Clara Deploy SDK container and downloading models, you accept the terms and conditions of these licenses.

Technical Support

Use the NVIDIA Devtalk forum - Clara Deploy SDK for questions regarding this Software.