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Collections are use-case based curated content available in one easy-to-use package for for various applications including speech, intelligent video analytics, recommendations, and more. Collections make it easy to discover the compatible software containers, models, Jupyter notebooks and documentation to get started faster.
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Logo for Achieve High Accuracy Audio Transcription
Attain the best possible real-time English transcription accuracy with customization for the financial service industry use case.
Logo for Accelerate Development of Intelligent Virtual Assistants
Quickly develop and provide accurate and engaging English intelligent virtual assistant for contact centers, at a large scale, around the clock, at lower operational costs.
Logo for Next Item Prediction Workflow
Next Item Prediction Workflow
Collection - Deep Learning
Utilize session-based recommenders to increase accuracy of predictions when users interests are dynamic, specific to a shorter time frame (i.e., within a session) and when little or no user data is available.
Logo for Digital Fingerprinting to Detect Anomalies
Analyze the behavior of every human and machine across the network to detect and react to anomalies on a scale previously impossible.
Logo for NVIDIA Holoscan
NVIDIA Holoscan
Collection - Healthcare
The AI sensor processing platform
Logo for HPC Collection
HPC Collection
Collection - High Performance Computing
This collection provides access to the top HPC applications for Molecular Dynamics, Quantum Chemistry, and Scientific visualization.
Logo for Riva Speech Skills
Riva Speech Skills
Collection - Deep Learning
Collection of common Riva Speech Skills resources.
Logo for Morpheus
Collection - Deep Learning
NVIDIA Morpheus enables cybersecurity developers and ISVs to build incredibly performant pipelines for security workflows with minimal development effort.
Logo for NeMo - Text to Speech
NeMo - Text to Speech
Collection - Deep Learning
This collection contains NeMo models for Text to Speech (TTS)
Logo for NGC - Getting Started
NGC - Getting Started
Collection - Beginner
Looking to get started with containers and models on NGC? This is the place to start.
Logo for Maxine
Collection - Telecommunications
NVIDIA Maxine™ is a GPU-accelerated SDK with state-of-the-art AI features for developers to build virtual collaboration and content creation applications such as video conferencing and live streaming.
Logo for TAO Toolkit - Computer Vision
TAO Toolkit - Computer Vision
Collection - Deep Learning
TAO Toolkit is a python based AI toolkit for taking purpose-built pre-trained AI models and customizing them with your own data.
Logo for Vertex AI Workbench - Quick Deploy
Collection of AI software and examples to run Jupyter Notebooks with One Click on Google Cloud
Logo for Clara Parabricks
Clara Parabricks
Collection - Healthcare
Clara Parabricks is a collection of software tools and notebooks for next generation sequencing, including short- and long-read applications. These tools are designed to be scalable, generating highly accurate results in an accelerated compute environmen
Logo for DeepStream - CV Deployment
DeepStream - CV Deployment
Collection - Intelligent Video Analytics
DeepStream SDK delivers a complete streaming analytics toolkit for AI based video and image understanding and multi-sensor processing. The DeepStream SDK brings deep neural networks and other complex processing tasks into a stream processing pipeline.
Logo for NVIDIA Virtual Machine Images (VMI)
NVIDIA Virtual Machine Images or VMIs provide a pre-configured, tested, & validated environment in the public cloud to run NGC Catalog assets as well as any GPU accelerated application seamlessly.
Logo for Omniverse Farm
Omniverse Farm
Collection - Advanced
Omniverse Farm deployment collection
Logo for Clara Discovery
Clara Discovery
Collection - Healthcare
Clara Discovery is a collection of frameworks, applications, and AI models enabling GPU-accelerated computational drug discovery
Logo for NeMo - Automatic Speech Recognition
NeMo - Automatic Speech Recognition
Collection - Automatic Speech Recognition
This collection contains NeMo models for Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR): Speech to Text, Speech Classification, Speaker Diarization, Speaker Verification, Speaker Recognition, Command Recognition, Voice Activity Detection
Logo for NeMo - Natural Language Processing
NeMo - Natural Language Processing
Collection - Natural Language Processing
This collection contains NeMo models for Natural Language Processing (NLP): Question Answering, Translation, Named Entity Recognition, Punctuation and Capitalization, Base NLP models.
Logo for Clara Guardian
Clara Guardian
Collection - Healthcare
NVIDIA Clara™ Guardian is a collection of models and reference applications that simplifies the development and deployment of smart sensors with multimodal AI, anywhere in a healthcare facility.
Logo for Clara NLP
Clara NLP
Collection - Healthcare
Clara NLP is a collection of SOTA biomedical pre-trained language models as well as highly optimized pipelines for training NLP models on biomedical and clinical text
Logo for Speech Dataset Collection Speech Dataset Collection
Collection - Natural Language Processing
Data is the new code. is the one-stop-shop for training data for machine learning.
Logo for NVIDIA AI - End-to-End AI Development & Deployment
This is a collection of performance-optimized frameworks, SDKs, and models to build Computer Vision and Speech AI applications.
Logo for Deep Learning Frameworks
Deep Learning Frameworks
Collection - Deep Learning
This collection contains performance-optimized AI frameworks including PyTorch and TensorFlow