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The VISTA-3D NIM Container accelerates ground truth data creation by streamlining segmentation and annotations with an interactive foundation model.
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April 16, 2024
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24.03 (Latest) Security Scan Results

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What is the VISTA-3D NIM?

VISTA-3D is a domain-specialized interactive foundation model developed for segmenting and annotating human anatomies with precision.

This container, which includes the VISTA-3D model, is powered by NVIDIA NIM, part of NVIDIA AI Enterprise. This integration offers a suite of easy-to-use microservices designed to accelerate the deployment of AI models, like VISTA-3D, across cloud, data centers, and workstations.

Core Workflows of VISTA-3D

  1. Segment everything: This feature enables comprehensive exploration of the whole body, which is vital for understanding complex diseases that affect multiple organs and devising holistic treatment plans.

  2. Segment using class: It provides detailed sectional views based on specific classes, key for focused disease analysis or organ mapping, such as pinpointing tumors in critical organs.

  3. Segment point prompts: By allowing user-directed, click-based selection, this workflow significantly improves segmentation precision, facilitating the rapid creation of accurate ground-truth data for medical imaging analysis.

Model Architecture

Architecture Type: Transformer

Network Architecture: Custom, Multi-Head Structure

Input Type(s): CT Image
Input Format(s): NIfTI (Neuroimaging Informatics Technology Initiative)
Input Parameters: Three Dimensional (3D)
Other Properties Related to Input: Array of Class/Point Information

Output Type(s): Image
Output Format: NIfTI
Output Parameters:3D

Software Integration:
Supported Hardware Microarchitecture Compatibility: Ampere, Hopper
Supported Operating System(s): Linux

Engine: Triton

Ethical Considerations

NVIDIA believes Trustworthy AI is a shared responsibility and we have established policies and practices to enable development for a wide array of AI applications. When downloaded or used in accordance with our terms of service, developers should work with their supporting model team to ensure this model meets requirements for the relevant industry and use case and addresses unforeseen product misuse. For more detailed information on ethical considerations for this model, please see the Model Card++ Explainability, Bias, Safety & Security, and Privacy Subcards. Please report security vulnerabilities or NVIDIA AI Concerns here.

Security Vulnerabilities in Open Source Packages

Please review the Security Scanning tab to view the latest security scan results.

For certain open-source vulnerabilities listed in the scan results, NVIDIA provides a response in the form of a Vulnerability Exploitability eXchange (VEX) document. The VEX information can be reviewed and downloaded from the Security Scanning tab.

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This container is packaged with the VISTA-3D Model, by using this container, you also agree to the AI Foundation Model License of the license.