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Riva Speech Skills Helm Chart
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March 23, 2024

What Is Riva Deployment Helm Chart?

Riva Speech Skills Helm chart can be used to deploy ASR, NLP, and TTS services automatically. Specifically, it is designed to automate the steps for push-button deployment to a Kubernetes cluster.

Running Riva Deployment Helm Chart

The Helm chart configuration can be modified for your use case by modifying the values.yaml file. In this file, you can change the settings related to which models to deploy, where to store them, and how to expose the services.


  1. Download and modify the Helm chart for your use.

    helm fetch --username='$oauthtoken' --password=<YOUR API KEY>

    Where <YOUR API KEY> is your API key. The result of the above operation will be a new directory called riva-api in your current working directory. Within that directory is a values.yaml file which can be modified to suit your use case.

  2. After the values.yaml file has been updated to reflect the deployment requirements, Riva can be deployed to the Kubernetes cluster.

    helm install riva-api riva-api

    Alternatively, use the --set option to install without modifying the values.yaml file. Make sure to set the NGC API key, email, and model_key_string to the appropriate values. By default, model_key_string is tlt_encode.

    helm install riva-api riva-api --set ngcCredentials.password=`echo -n $NGC_API_KEY | base64 -w0` --set --set modelRepoGenerator.modelDeployKey=`echo -n tlt_encode | base64 -w0`

    For additional details, see Kubernetes. For more information about using NGC, refer to the NGC Catalog User Guide.

Suggested Reading

For the latest release specific documentation, refer see the Release Notes.

For a full list of the supported hardware and software, refer to the Support Matrix.

For all other documentation, refer to the User Guide.


By downloading and using Riva software, you accept the terms and conditions of this license.