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StyleGAN3 pretrained models

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StyleGAN3 pretrained models for FFHQ, AFHQv2 and MetFaces datasets.



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August 21, 2023


3.58 GB
This model is backed by NVIDIA’s Plus Plus (++) PromiseClick here to learn more about the quality of the datasets used to train this model
Field Response
Generatable or reverse engineerable personally-identifiable information (PII)? Neither
Was consent obtained for any PII used? Not Applicable
Protected classes used to create this model? Age, Ancestry, Citizenship, Gender, National Origin, Race, Sexual Orientation, Skin Colors, Veteran Status
How often is dataset reviewed? Annually
Is a mechanism in place to honor data subject right of access or deletion of personal data? Yes
If PII collected for the development of the model, was it collected directly by NVIDIA? PII not collected by NVIDIA
If PII collected for the development of the model by NVIDIA, do you maintain or have access to disclosures made to data subjects? Not Applicable
If PII collected for the development of this AI model, was it minimized to only what was required? Yes
Is data in dataset traceable? Yes
Are we able to identify and trace source of dataset? Yes
Does data labeling (annotation, metadata) comply with privacy laws? Yes
Is data compliant with data subject requests for data correction or removal, if such a request was made? Yes