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Maxine Linux Video Effects SDK

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NVIDIA MAXINE VideoEffects SDK is an SDK for enhancing and applying filters to videos at real-time



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September 20, 2022

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1.68 GB

Maxine VFX SDK Windows

NVIDIA MAXINE Video Effects SDK enables AI-based visual effects that run with standard webcam input and can easily be integrated into video conference and content creation pipelines. The underlying deep learning models are optimized with NVIDIA AI using NVIDIA® TensorRT™ for high-performance inference, making it possible for developers to apply multiple effects in real-time applications.
The SDK has the following AI features:

  1. Virtual Background, which segments and masks the background areas in a video or image to enable AI-powered background removal, replacement, or blur.
  2. Artifact Reduction, which reduces compression artifacts from an encoded video while preserving the details of the original video.
  3. Super Resolution, which generates a detail-enhanced video with up to 4X high-quality scaling, while also reducing blocky/noisy artifacts and preserving textures and content. It is suitable for upscaling lossy content.
  4. Upscaler, which is a very fast and light-weight method to deliver up to 4X high-quality scaled video with an adjustable sharpening parameter. This feature can be optionally pipelined with the Artifact Reduction feature to enhance the scale while reducing the video artifacts.
  5. Video Noise Removal, which removes low-light camera noise from a webcam video while preserving the texture details.

  6. For more detailed information, please refer to the online documentation guides -
    NVIDIA Video Effects SDK Programming Guide
    NVIDIA Video Effects SDK System Guide
    NvCVImage API Guide

    PDF versions of these guides are also available at the following locations -
    NVIDIA Video Effects SDK Programming Guide
    NVIDIA Video Effects SDK System Guide
    NvCVImage API Guide