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Jarvis Quick Start

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NVIDIA Jarvis Quick Start helps you get started with Jarvis AI Services in a few easy steps. These scripts are meant for deploying the services locally for testing and running example applications.



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July 28, 2021

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Getting Started With Jarvis


  1. In order to use Jarvis AI Services, you are required to be logged in to NVIDIA GPU Cloud (NGC).

  2. You have access to a Volta, Turing, or an NVIDIA Ampere architecture-based GPU.


  1. Download Jarvis quick start scripts via the command-line with the NGC CLI tool by running the CLI command above or selecting the File Browser tab to download the scripts.

  2. Initialize and start Jarvis. The initialization step downloads and prepares Docker images and models. The start script launches the server.

    Note: This process may take quite some time depending on the speed of your Internet connection and the number of models deployed. Each model is individually optimized for the target GPU after download.

    cd jarvis_quickstart_v|ProjectVersion|
  3. Start a container with sample clients for each service.

  4. From inside the client container, try the different services using the provided Jupyter notebooks.

    jupyter notebook --ip= --allow-root --notebook-dir=/work/notebooks

Within the quickstart directory, you can modify the file with your preferred configuration. Options include which models to retrieve from NGC, where to store them, and which GPU to use if more than one is installed in your system (see Local (Docker) for more details).

Jarvis Collection

To view and download the full list of components included as part of Jarvis, refer to the Jarvis Collection.

Suggested Reading

For the latest release specific documentation, refer to the Release Notes.

For a full list of the supported hardware and software, refer to the Support Matrix.

For all other documentation, refer to the User Guide.


By pulling and using Jarvis software, you accept the terms and conditions of this license.