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Nova Orin

Nova Orin Init is a Debian package that configures the Nova sensor suite on a Jetson AGX Orin. Any subset of Nova is also configurable.

The following guides assume that they are run on a Jetson AGX Orin.

NGC Client

Nova Orin Init can be downloaded with the NGC client. Use the following the steps to install:

  1. Verify that the client is installed:

    which ngc
  2. If it's not installed, download and install the NGC client using the following commands:

    wget --content-disposition && unzip && chmod u+x ngc-cli/ngc
    s="export PATH=\"\$PATH:$(pwd)/ngc-cli\""; f="$HOME/.bashrc"; grep -qxF "$s" $f || echo "$s" | tee -a $f && source $f

    NOTE: The install commands documented in the official documentation are not specific to the Debian package provided here.

  3. (Optional) Configure the NGC client to give access to Isaac resources. An API key for NGC is required. If the API key is not already generated follow these steps.

    ngc config set


The installation requires NGC Client.

Follow these steps to download and install Nova Orin Init:

  1. Download Nova Orin Init from NGC using the following command:

    ngc registry resource download-version "nvidia/isaac/nova_orin"
  2. Untar its contents:

    cd $(ls -td nova_orin_v* | head -1) && tar -xvf nova-orin.tar.gz
  3. Write a configuration YAML for Nova Orin. This YAML specifies the sensors you want enabled. Examples are included in the download under the examples directory:

    ls examples/
  4. Review the custom configuration YAML. To enable two Hawks and the first Hawks IMU, you can make your file similar to the sample:

  5. After the YAML is written, copy it to /etc/nova/setup.yaml. This file is read by nova-orin-init during install.

    sudo mkdir -p /etc/nova
    sudo cp <my_yaml_path> /etc/nova/setup.yaml
  6. Install nova-orin-init:

    sudo apt install ./nova-orin-init_*_arm64.deb
  7. Reboot the robot after installation by pressing the power button or running:

    sudo reboot


Upgrade Nova Orin Init by referencing the same NGC resource used previously. Whenever a new version is released, it is updated under the Resources section and can be downloaded with the same installation commands:

ngc registry resource download-version "nvidia/isaac/nova_orin"
cd $(ls -td nova_orin_v* | head -1) && tar -xvf nova-orin.tar.gz
sudo apt install ./nova-orin-init_*_arm64.deb


Nova Orin Init can be removed by running the following:

sudo apt remove nova-orin-init

The removal of Nova Orin Init attempts to revert all settings to their original state on the robot.

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