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Mission Dispatch

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Mission Dispatch container demonstrates a development environment configured to build/run/test Isaac Mission Dispatch and Client functionality.



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September 1, 2023

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398.39 MB

Multinode Support


Multi-Arch Support


2023.4.4_fa9afd5 (Latest) Scan Results

Linux / amd64


Isaac Mission Dispatch is a cloud service that enables communication between edge robots and other cloud services responsible for managing a fleet of robots. The communication is designed as per VDA5050 protocol and uses MQTT fundamentals. The mission dispatch system is composed of three main components:

Mission REST API / Database server: hosts REST APIs used to interact with Mission Dispatch and manage object persistence.
Mission Dispatch server: handles communication with robots and manages state transitions.
Mission Client: runs on the robot itself. The repository for this component can be found [$TODO LINK To final GitHub Location]. We also provide a robot client simulator [$TODO LINK To NGC Sim container].

Known Issues

None at present


Apache 2 License

Sources for binaries provided in this image with LGPL/GPL licensing can be found here.

Technical support

Please report issues on Isaac ROS Common