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The DOCA BlueMan service is a simple and user-friendly standalone web dashboard that runs completely on NVIDIA's DPU, transparent to the host. The service consolidates all the information an admin needs to know and serves as a one stop shop.
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April 1, 2024
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2.1.1-doca2.5.0 (Latest) Security Scan Results

Linux / arm64

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The BlueMan DOCA service runs in the DPU as a standalone web dashboard and consolidates all the basic information, health and telemetry counters into a single interface.

Installation and Getting Started

All preparation steps are listed under DOCA's Container Deployment User Guide.

Note: The DOCA Service container is configured for K8S-based deployment, hence the use of the docker pull command is discouraged.

Preparation steps for the DOCA Service

Verify BlueMan dependencies services are up an running

DTS service

All the information that BlueMan provides is gathered from the DOCA Telemetry Service (DTS), starting from DTS version 1.11.1-doca1.5.1.

For more infrormation about DTS, please refer to the user guide of DOCA Telemetry Service.

# Verify that the **DTS** Pod is ready
crictl pods --name doca-telemetry-service
# Verify that the **DTS** container is running
crictl ps --name doca-telemetry-service

DPE service

All the information that DTS gathers for BlueMan relies on the DOCA Privileged Executer (DPE) module, present starting from BlueField OS version

For more infrormation about DPE, please refer to the user guide of DOCA Telemetry Service.

# Verify that the **DPE** daemon is active 
systemctl is-active  dpe.service
# In case the daemon is inactive, activate it using the following command
systemctl start dpe.service

Adjusting the .yaml configuration

The .yaml configuration for our container is doca_blueman.yaml:


Note: The file is also stored with the rest of the .yaml configurations as were pulled from NGC in the previous steps (See "Installation and Getting Started").

Spawning the container

Simply copy the updated doca_blueman.yaml file to the /etc/kubelet.d directory. Kubelet will automatically pull the container image from NGC, and spawn a pod executing the containers. The BlueMan Service application will start executing right away.

# Verify that the **doca-blueman** Pod is ready
crictl pods --name doca-blueman
# Verify that the **doca-blueman-fe** container is running
crictl ps --name doca-blueman-fe
# Verify that the **doca-blueman-conv** container is running
crictl ps --name doca-blueman-conv

# Examine kubelet logs, in case something didn't work as expected
journalctl -u kubelet

Please refer to the documentation for more information.


The DOCA BlueMan Service Guide is available here.

License & EULA

DOCA is licensed under the NVIDIA DOCA License. By pulling and using the container, you accept the terms and conditions of this license.

Technical Support

Use the NVIDIA Developers forum for questions regarding this software.