EfficientDet-D0 checkpoint (TensorFlow2, AMP, COCO17)

EfficientDet-D0 checkpoint (TensorFlow2, AMP, COCO17)

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EfficientDet-D0 TensorFlow2 checkpoint trained on COCO using batchsize=1600
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April 4, 2023
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Model Overview

A convolution-based neural network for the task of object detection.

Model Architecture

EfficientDet is a one-stage detector with the following architecture components:

  • ImageNet-pretrained EfficientNet backbone
  • Weighted bi-directional feature pyramid network (BiFPN)
  • Bounding and classification box head
  • A compound scaling method that uniformly scales the resolution, depth, and width for all backbone, feature network, and box/class prediction networks at the same time


This model was trained using script available in GitHub repo.


The following datasets were used to train this model:

  • COCO 2017 - Dataset for large-scale object detection, segmentation and captioning.
  • ImageNet - Image database organized according to the WordNet hierarchy, in which each noun is depicted by hundreds and thousands of images.


Performance numbers for this model are available in GitHub readme performance section.



This model was trained using open-source software available in Deep Learning Examples repository. For terms of use, please refer to the license of the script and the datasets the model was derived from.