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NVIDIA DevTools Sidecar Injector Resources

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Set of container configuration files and scripts for the NVIDIA DevTools Sidecar Injector.
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March 14, 2024
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NVIDIA DevTools Sidecar Injector Resources

The NVIDIA DevTools Sidecar Injector enables your containerized applications to be profiled by NVIDIA DevTools applications (currently, only using Nsight Systems). This solution leverages a Kubernetes dynamic admission controller to inject an init container, volumes with the NVIDIA DevTools application and its configurations, environment variables, and a security context upon the creation or update of your Pod.

This resource bundles together the ready-to-use .yaml configuration files required for the installing NVIDIA DevTools Sidecar Injector, as well as additional scripts for using .


For more information on NVIDIA DevTools Sidecar Injector, visit the NVIDIA DevTools Sidecar Injector Helm Chart page.

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