NVIDIA vGPU Device Manager

NVIDIA vGPU Device Manager

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Manages NVIDIA vGPU devices in a Kubernetes cluster
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May 1, 2024
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146.98 MB
Multinode Support
Multi-Arch Support
v0.2.6-ubi8 (Latest) Security Scan Results

Linux / amd64

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NVIDIA vGPU Device Manager

The NVIDIA vGPU Device Manager manages vGPU devices on a GPU node in a Kubernetes cluster. It defines a schema for declaratively specifying the list of vGPU types one would like to create on the node. The vGPU Device Manager parses this schema and applies the desired config by creating vGPU devices following steps outlined in the NVIDIA vGPU User Guide.

Currently, this image is deployed as an operand of the NVIDIA GPU Operator and is only to be used in the context of Kubernetes.

License Agreements

NVIDIA AI Enterprise Support

This product is supported when deployed by the NVIDIA GPU Operator.