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Nvidia Clara Parabricks Bare Metal Debian Package

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Nvidia Clara Parabricks Bare Metal Debian Package for Ubuntu 18.04
Clara Parabricks
Latest Version
April 4, 2023
Compressed Size
1.45 GB

This bare metal installer for Ubuntu 18.04 is only valid for Parabricks container versions below 4.0.0-1. This will not be supported in future versions.

NOTE: There are two tags for every release. If you are using an Ampere GPU, please use the tag ending in "_ampere"; otherwise, please use the other tag with no ampere in the name.

What is Nvidia Clara Parabricks?

Nvidia Clara Parabricks is an accelerated compute framework that supports applications across the genomics industry, primarily supporting analytical workflows for DNA, RNA, and somatic mutation detection applications. With industry leading compute times, Parabricks rapidly converts a FASTQ file to a VCF using multiple, industry validated variant callers and also includes the ability to QC and annotate those variants. As Parabricks is based upon publicly available tools, results are easy to verify and combine with other publicly available datasets.

More information is available on the Clara Parabricks Product Page.

Detailed installation, usage, and tuning information is available in the Parabricks user guide.

How to Get Access to Parabricks Software Installer

  • To request a trial license for Parabricks, please visit the Clara Parabricks Product Page. On this page, you can also request a quote for a paid Parabricks license.
  • If you are an existing Parabricks customer with a paid Parabricks license, please visit the Nvidia Licensing Portal for your installer. For support questions about this portal, you can visit Nvidia Enterprise support resources here.

Support and Questions

  • For technical support, please access updated user guides and other Parabricks documentation here. Answers to most FAQs can be found on the developer forum.
  • Customers with paid Parabricks licenses have direct access to support and can contact Enterprise Support(at
  • Users of free evaluation licenses can contact Parabricks Eval Support (at for the troubleshooting of any questions.


An End User License Agreement is included with this product. By pulling and using the Parabricks container you accept the terms and conditions of this license.