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Clara Deploy Multi AI Segmentation Pipeline [Deprecated]

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Clara Deploy Multi AI Segmentation Pipeline
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April 4, 2023
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Clara Deploy SDK is being consolidated into Clara Holoscan SDK

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Multi AI Segmentation Pipeline

This asset requires the Clara Deploy SDK. Follow the instructions on the Clara Ansible page to install the Clara Deploy SDK.


Multi AI pipeline takes a single volume and splits them into multiple ROIs, these ROIs are then fed into respective AI operators. Results from AI operators are merged into a single volume.

Pipeline uses roi-generator operator for splitting data into rois and merging data back into a single volume. Liver tumor, Lung tumor, Colon tumor and Spleen AI operators are used in the ROI configuration.

Multi AI pipeline has 4 AI models, it needs 24 GB of GPU memory with the example test dataset. A low resolution version of the test dataset is provided for GPUs with less memory.

Data and Models

  • Get the data ( as zip folder from NGC.
  • Unzip file. There are 4 folders inside multiAIData folder namely 'data', 'roiZ', 'roiXYZ' and 'render'
  • If roi in Z dimensions is desired then copy roiZ/roi.txt to data/roi.txt, if ROI in XYZ dimensions is desired then copy roiXYZ/roi.txt to data/roi.txt.
  • If results is desired in render server, copy render/config_render.json to data/config_render.json
  • Look at /clara/common/models folder. Spleen, LungTumor, ColonTumor, LiverTumor models must be present.
  • If any of the model is missing, get required models ( as zip folder from NGC.
  • Unzip file. Copy missing models from zip file to /clara/common/models

Execution Steps on Clara Platform

The following are the execution steps for multi AI Pipeline:

  • Data preparation

    • Store location of folder 'data' after updating configuration files as described in above section.
  • Platform Installation: Ensure that platform is installed successfully and Clara CLI is installed correctly.

  • Required Models: Ensure that spleen, colon tumor, lung tumor and liver tumor models are present in /clara/common/models folder.

  • Execution

    • Execute the pipeline as described in setup page
  • Results

    • Check payloads for the mask or visualize the results in render server.


An End User License Agreement is included with the product. By pulling and using the Clara Deploy asset on NGC, you accept the terms and conditions of these licenses..

Suggested Reading

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For answers to any questions you may have about this release, visit the NVIDIA Devtalk forum: (