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Nvidia Clara Parabricks collectmultiplemetrics

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Run a GPU-accelerated version of GATK’s CollectMultipleMetrics.



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September 1, 2023

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161.63 MB

Multinode Support


Multi-Arch Support


4.0.0-1 (Latest) Scan Results

Linux / amd64

This tool applies an accelerated version of the GATK CollectMultipleMetrics for assessing BAM file metrics such as alignment success, quality score distributions, GC bias, and sequencing artifacts. This functions as a ‘meta-metrics’ tool that can run any combination of the available metrics tools in GATK to perform an overall assessment of how well a sequencing run has been performed. The available metrics tools (PROGRAMs) can be found on the help page.

For further information visit the collectmultiplemetrics help page.

Quick Start

# This command assumes all the inputs are in <INPUT_DIR> and all the outputs go to <OUTPUT_DIR>.
$ docker run --rm --gpus all --volume <INPUT_DIR>:/workdir --volume <OUTPUT_DIR>:/outputdir
    -w /workdir \<VERSION-TAG> \
    pbrun collectmultiplemetrics \
    --ref /workdir/${REFERENCE_FILE} \
    --bam /workdir/${INPUT_BAM} \
    --out-qc-metrics-dir /outputdir/${OUTPUT_DIR}\