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Clara AGX Metagenomics Assembly

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Tools for genome assembly compiled with support for ARM and AGX hardware.



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September 1, 2023

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259.71 MB

Multinode Support


Multi-Arch Support


r21.8.31 (Latest) Scan Results

Linux / arm64

This container is deprecated. It was released as part of the Clara Holoscan SDK v0.1 and will no longer be compatible with Clara Holoscan SDK v0.2.

What is Clara AGX Metagenomics Assembly?

The Clara AGX Metagenomics Assembly container provides tools for genome assembly compiled with support for ARM and AGX hardware.

The current latest software versions include:

Package Version
Shasta 0.7.0

How to Run

Packages are compiled and stored in the /opt/ directory.

Using Shasta

The Shasta binaries are located in /opt/shasta/bin.

To run the Shasta container with data located on your host, you will need to use bind mounts with the -v flag like the following:

docker run -v((HOST_DIRECTORY)):/mnt/data -t	
 shasta --input /mnt/data/((INPUT_PATH)) --threads 8 --assemblyDirectory /mnt/data/((OUTPUT_PATH))

The recommended configuration for shasta is using 8 threads with the --threads 8 option.

Please refer to the Shasta manual for further instructions:


Either a Jetson Xavier AGX device, or the Clara AGX Developer Kit running Jetpack 4.5 or later.


Licenses are available and can be viewed in the container. By pulling and using the container, you accept the terms and conditions of these licenses.

Suggested Reading

For documentation, SDK, and how to get a Clara Developer Kit:

Use the NVIDIA Devtalk forum for questions regarding this Release: