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Triton FIL backend with XGBoost

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This resource is a Jupyter Notebook example that showcases NVIDIA Triton with Forest Inference Library (FIL) backend.
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April 4, 2023
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This notebook is a reference for deploying an XGBoost model on Triton with the FIL backend. The notebook explains how one can deploy XGBoost model in Triton, check deployment status and send inference requests, set concurrent model execution and dynamic batching and find the best deployment configuration using Model Analyzer.

Deploying the notebooks

To deploy these notebooks with the optimal configuration to the cloud please click the "deploy" button on the top right of NGC.

Reading the notebook without leaving NGC

If you want to read through the notebook example without leaving our website, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to the File Browser tab of the asset in NGC
  2. Select the version you'd like to see
  3. Next to the .ipynb file select "View Jupyter"
  4. There you have it! You can read a notebook for documentation and copy code samples without ever leaving NGC.
  5. All the instructions you need to get started are in the resource - so head over and see how to get up and running.