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Cloud Native Service Add-on Pack

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The Cloud Native Service Add-On Pack is a collection of third-party, open source tools that are stood up provide services for NVIDIA cloud-native workloads.
Latest Version
March 9, 2024
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29.1 MB

Cloud Native Services Add-on Pack

This pack is a set of tooling that provides a consistent platform for cloud native applications regardless of where they are run. The goal is a have a consistent developer, operator, and user experience across many NVIDIA cloud native applications.

As of the latest release, the following Kubernetes distributions are supported:

As of the latest release the following toolsets are included in the Add-on Pack:

  • HAProxy Kubernetes Ingress: The ingress controller gets configured along with an associated IngressClass.
  • PGO from CrunchyDB Operator: This is an operator that manages the lifecycle of Postgres databases.
  • cert-manager with Operator: This operator gets installed and a cluster-local Certificate Authority is created as a ClusterIssuer.
  • trust-manager with Operator: This operator is configured to distribute the cluster-local CA public certificate to in-cluster namespaces where it is requested.
  • Keycloak: This is deployed as a service to abstract OpenID Connect authentication. After installation, it can be configured to support many backend authentication systems.
  • Prometheus with Operator: The operator is installed and a central Prometheus server is created. This central server is capable of listenting for monitoring requests in other namespaces.
  • Grafana with Operator: The operator is deployed a central server is created. The central server is capable of listenting for new dashboards in other namespaces. Custom data sources can also be configured.
  • Elastic Cloud Operator: This operator allows for the creation of services from the Elastic family.