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Traffic Cam Analyzer on A100 MIG

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Build an example Traffic Cam Footage Analyzer Using the NVIDIA DeepStream SDK and Triton Inference Server to identify and classify vehicles (sedan, truck, SUV, etc.) from live traffic camera streams
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April 4, 2023
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Scaling DeepStream-Triton on NVIDIA A100 MIG instances through Kubernetes

This repository contains configuration files to run a reference end-to-end video analytics application using NVIDIA DeepStream. The application is an example Traffic Cam Analyzer that locates 4 different objects on the road (car, pedestrian, roadsign and bicycle) and then classifies the cars into 6 different classes - sedan, minivan, truck etc.

We use TrafficCamNet for object detection and VehicleTypeNet for classification, both of which are pre-trained models available in the models section on NGC.

The models are configured using NVIDIA DeepStream and served using Triton Inference Server. A variant of the DeepStream container on NGC comes enabled with Triton Inference Server built-in and can be obtained by locating the appropriate tag.

The deployment is first done on a single 2g.10gb MIG instance of a NVIDIA A100 GPU then scaled all the way up to 8 x A100's, all configured with the same MIG profile to showcase how Multi Instance GPU (MIG) can be leveraged to serve IVA use-cases in parallel - either scaling a single use-case, or deploying different use-cases on a single GPU. The 2g.10gb MIG profile is optimal for this specific use-case, but you may feel free to configure your MIG slices appropriately for your use-case.

Watch a live demonstration of this example at GTC 2021!


  1. A server with 1 or more (preferably 8) NVIDIA A100's, either on cloud (AWS p4dn.24xlarge) or on-prem.
  2. GPUs sliced with 2g.10gb MIG profile.
  3. NVIDIA Driver 460+
  4. Docker image -
  5. Kubernetes setup on master and worker node (for scaling across MIG instances)

Instructions to run:

  1. Launch the docker container
    docker run -it --rm --gpus device=<MIG-instance-UUID>

  2. Download this Resource from NGC - Use the WGET Command Up Above or the NGC CLI command

  3. Execute the automate script
    cd ds_triton && bash

Expected output:

On a 2g.10gb MIG instance, this application would run at 30 frames per second for 35 full HD video streams.