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TAO with Synthetic Data - Fast Demo

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Jupyter notebook to train a Detectnet_v2 model with user generated datasets.
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January 5, 2024
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TAO with Synthetic Data - Fast Demo

The ana_tao_detectnet_v2 resource contains a Jupyter Notebook and supporting configuration files to quickly train the DetectNet_v2 TAO model using synthetic imagery data for a live demo. A user applies transfer learning to a Resnet-18 backbone with a targeted dataset to achieve a working object detection model in under 45 minutes. The tutorial demonstrates the effectiveness of sythetic data to train CV models.

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More on DetectNet_v2.

Using the ANA_TAO_DETECTNET_V2 Resource

The ana_tao_detectnet_v2 resource can be deployed to Verex AI. The managed notebook environement will contain the experiment notebook file, which, when run, will create and populate a datasets folder with a prebuilt dataset from user accounts that are set up with a given content code.

NOTE: Before running any cells, make sure to select the custom kernel from ngc.

The first few cells install the SDK, 'anatools.

The notebook concludes with a visulaization of performance of the trained mode on various images including real.

Effect of number of objects in a graph on OD performance

About is a platform-as-a-service for synthetic data that enables data scientists to overcome the costs and challenges of acquiring and using real data for training machine learning and artificial intelligence systems.

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