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Megatron pretrained on cased biomedical dataset PubMed with 345 million parameters.
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April 4, 2023
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This is a checkpoint for BioMegatron 345m cased. BioMegatron is Megatron pretrained on cased PubMed, a biomedical domain dataset, which gives improved results on a range of biomedical downstream tasks. The model has around 345 million paramters. The model is trained with

The model achieves weighted SAcc/MRR/LAcc of 45.12/61.17/51.4 on BioASQ-7b-factoid test set (after finetuned on SQuADv1.1 dataset), macro precision/recall/f1 of 82.46/78.79/80.52 on RE dataset ChemProt.

Please be sure to download the latest version in order to ensure compatibility with the latest NeMo release.

  • - pretrained Megatron model weights
  • config.json - the config file used to initialize model network architecture in NeMo
  • vocab.txt - vocabulary file used for train this checkpoint

More Details

Megatron is a large, powerful transformer developed by the Applied Deep Learning Research team at NVIDIA, which was trained with multinode and using mixed precision. Unlike BERT, the position of the layer normalization and the residual connection in the model architecture (similar to GPT-2 architucture) are swapped, which allowed the models to continue to improve as they were scaled up. This model reaches higher scores compared to BERT on a range of Natural Language Processing (NLP) tasks. BioMegatron has the same network architecture as the Megatron, but is pretrained on a different dataset - PubMed, a large biomedical text corpus, which achieves better performance in biomedical downstream tasks than the original Megatron.

For more information about BioBERT or Megatron visit, or


Source code and developer guide is available at Refer to documentation at

This model checkpoint can be used for finetuning on biomedical question answering datasets, such as named entity recognition(NER), question answering (QA), or relationship extraction (RE).

In the following we show examples for how to finetune BioBERT on different downstream tasks.

Usage example 1: Finetune on BioASQ-factoid dataset


Usage example 2: Finetune on RE dataset ChemProt


Usage example 2: Finetune on NER dataset NBCI