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Kubevirt GPU Device Plugin

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Kubernetes Device Plugin built to be used for Kubevirt. Kubevirt is a Kubernetes based technology that provides a unified development platform where users can build, modify, and deploy applications residing in both Application Containers as well as VMs.



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September 1, 2023

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152.14 MB

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v1.2.2 (Latest) Scan Results

Linux / amd64


This is a kubernetes device plugin that can discover and expose GPUs and vGPUs on a kubernetes node. This device plugin will enable to launch GPU attached Kubevirt VMs in your kubernetes cluster. Its specifically developed to serve Kubevirt workloads in a Kubernetes cluster.


  • Discovers Nvidia GPUs which are bound to VFIO-PCI driver and exposes them as devices available to be attached to VM in pass through mode.
  • Discovers Nvidia vGPUs configured on a kubernetes node and exposes them to be attached to Kubevirt VMs
  • Performs basic health check on the GPU on a kubernetes node.


  • Need to have Nvidia GPU configured for GPU pass through or vGPU. Details about this can be found here
  • Kubernetes version should be greater than equal to v1.11

Future Work

  • Improve the healthcheck mechanism for GPUs with VFIO-PCI drivers