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NVIDIA Kubernetes Device Plugin

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The NVIDIA Kubernetes Device Plugin registers GPUs as compute resources in the Kubernetes cluster.



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March 20, 2023

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v0.14.0-rc.2-ubuntu20.04 (Latest) Scan Results

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NVIDIA Device Plugin

The NVIDIA device plugin for Kubernetes is an implementation of the Kubernetes device plugin framework that advertises GPUs as available resources to the kubelet. It is provided as a Daemonset that automatically:

  • Exposes the number of GPUs on each nodes of the cluster
  • Keeps track of the health of GPUs
  • Runs GPU enabled containers in a Kubernetes cluster.

Note that this container is expected to be used in a Kubernetes cluster environment. It is also deployed by the NVIDIA GPU Operator.

License Agreements

NVIDIA AI Enterprise Support

This product is supported when deployed by the NVIDIA GPU Operator.